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Contemporary Arts Inc.

7221 Croydon Road

Baltimore, MD 21207


The mission of Contemporary Arts Inc. is to preserve and advance the appreciation of the Jazz art form throughout the community through education and performance.  

The objectives under this mission are as follows:

Preserve Jazz, voted by the U.S. Congress, "America's National Treasure as an American Art Form".

Provide opportunities for education and entertainment to general audiences, musicians, students and other live music enthusiasts.

Focus on the educational, creative and artistic well-being of children and provide role models and opportunities for aspiring artists of all ages.

Collaborate with professional artists and other like-minded organizations regionally, nationally and internationally.

Expose the community to new exciting performing art programs.

Jazz Series: Annual Tribute to John Coltrane.

Jazz Series in Senior Centers: Tributes to Jazz Masters.

Summer Activity Extraordinaire (SAX): Music and Dance Camp Program for youth ages 4 - 17.

Music & Dance Program Participants